Friday, July 07, 2006

101 uses for little glass jars

Before I had my son I was convinced that I would be that supermom that makes all of her baby's food from organic scratch...
The reality is that although I do that as often as possible, Ferris still goes through a daunting amount of tiny jars of baby food and I'm running out of ideas for how to reuse them.
We recycle most of them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the center only recycles the bottles and cans that offer the refunds and that the rest of the glass and plastic ends up in the I'm looking for new ideas on how to reuse the army of glass baby food jars that is currently overwhelming my cupboards.
Any ideas for how to use them that doesn't involve homemade cooking?(we already have plenty in use as homemade food storage)


Sara said...

Hey Suzy-It's Sara, Jenn's niece and I just ran across your blog so I decided to share this link with you about some uses for your jars-I don't know if any of them are good but goodluck!

kate_42 said...

Hey suz!
You could use them to store pigments, I would say paint but you don't use that too much. I dunno scented oils, portable toiletries, i can take some off your hands when I come up if you want. If I think of anyhthing else I'll let you know. Well I guess you could also use them to make art, color them, but i dont know how they would break... ooh votive holders maybe... anyways, i love you and ill see you soon, Muah!

Anonymous said...

I just followed the link off your retail site to the blog and this post caught my attention as I just started using my old jars to store loose tea and spices. (both of which I buy bulk at the local natural food co-op instead of in smaller packages)