Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?

Why I'd call it booty, booty, b-b-b-booty, that's what it is...

So, amidst all of the nasty bum madness my best friend, Jenn, came to visit and to meet Ferris for the first time.
This involved some good times and hangovers for me and her and a whole lot of presents for the young man.

Here are a few of Ferris' fabulous new possessions:

(left to right)
1. double devil- awesome new stuffed fun by jenny harada. we bought this at the grand opening of Twin Hearts.
2. mini gnome-by bla bla. we call him Nomar. Also, a Twin Hearts purchase.
3.decole forks- spoons are in the wash....again, Twin Hearts...I guess I don't need to mention that Twin Hearts is a pretty great store.( They carry Focoloco, too!)
I love these. I have always been attracted to small shiny trinkets and these forks and spoons made me drool. There was no chance I was leaving the store without at least a few sets. All of the websites that I found these on when I did research were sold out. So, if you like 'em and you live in the Berkshires you'll have to check out Twin Hearts.
Actually, all of the Decole stuff is wicked cute. I could see this brand becoming an obssession of mine.
4.Red Converse All-Star Hi Tops- I have never seen a baby look so ridiculously cute in anything like these. Our favorite belated Christmas gift from aunt Jenn.

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