Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chickens and baby boobies

My son sort of "gets" that he will be a big brother in just a few months...he kind of understands that there is a baby growing in my belly, but his imaginative little toddler brain fills in any blanks with some wildy amusing ideas.
He confuses my breasts and my belly, as if my new round belly is one very large "booby". He kisses it and yells into my belly button, "Come out soon brother!"...and then he'll ask if he can drink milk from my belly button.
He hasn't nursed in over a year, but has many friends that still do or have new nursing siblings and this has spurred a newfound fascination with boobies.
We were in the shower the other evening and he was drawing on tub more intently than usual. A very deliberate and complex drawing of swirls and scribbles and slashes.
He spent so much time on this picture that I just had to ask him what he was drawing.
"Chickens and baby boobies!" he replied.
Being a mom is just so cool.

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reetsyburger said...

That kid has wacky priorities.
I love him anyway.