Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a word I will always find entertaining, but I never thought I would hear it and react with an overwhelming sense of pride.
Yesterday, my son went poop on the potty in a public restroom for the first time. I am so proud you'd think he had scored a 1600 on the SATs. It's one of those moments I love most about parenthood. A monumental victory or accomplishment that becomes routine and passes without notice in our adult lives.

The first time you look down at your child and they smile back at you and it's not "just gas".

Sleeping through the night.

The first bite of "food" aka. that mushy paste that no adult in their right mind would ever eat on purpose.

I know there are a lot of dull moments mixed in there...
The abc's, while complex and fresh to a toddler mind, can be sanity stealing for us grown-ups. There is so much nice stuff though. So much to be happy about even if they keep you tettering on the edge of your sanity. Their emotions , needs and actions are so primal and pure. Simple and uncomplicated.

Sometime in the rapidly approaching future I know my son will stop greeting with me that smile in the morning. Instead I'll have to settle for a barely audible grunt or some form of abbreviated teen talk. Wtf, right? We'll battle over unfinished book reports and curfews. He will hate me(but not really) and I will be the most unfair mother(but not really).

For now I will bask in the glory of a toilet training victory.


reetsyburger said...

Hooray for pooping!!

Now we just have to teach him to fall asleep while pooping, just like gerg!

Hola, I'm JMac: said...

Yay for the poop!