Friday, June 29, 2007

Made my Day

I just spoke with my little brother. He's living back in Texas with his lovely wife and adorable son...who is almost one, dear god! He said his new neighbors upstairs have a 3 month old baby, so he decided to pimp my clothing to them. They told him they already owned(and loved) my stuff and started naming off the designs they already had.
It is really cool when your friends and family support your business by buying your products.
It is EXTRA cool when you run into strangers that are buying your products.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

dangerously low on batteries

Before my son was born I had all sorts of ideals about the way I would raise this kid. I wanted to steer clear from the plastic, noisy, flashy toys, use cloth diapers and keep him far away from the computer and tv as much as possible.
20 months into it and 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
we are still using cloth diapers, although not exclusively.
he rarely watches tv or "plays" on the computer...
but, man, those obnoxious, noisy, flashy contraptions are a vital part of our daily routine.

It all started when that lovely little newborn didn't turn out to be quiet type and my sleep deprived husband and I were desperate for one night when we could lay him down without hours of screaming ensuing.

We had the battery operated swing, bouncer, crib play station, sound machine and ceiling projector...ANYTHING that might possibly distract our son long enough for his fatigue to capture him and allow him to drift off to sleep.
We have long since retired the swing and bouncer, but the sound machine and projector are as routine as saying "good night" to all the stuffed monsters and playing guitar.

A few nights ago, in the middle of our "good night" routine my husband turned to me with a concerned look on his face:

him: Suz, the projector is low on batteries. He (our son) looks concerned. You better go change them while I play another song for him.

me:Uhhhhhh, I don't think we have anymore C batteries, but I'll look.

him: Well, if there aren't any... you probably shouldn't even come back in here.

His tone was tantamount to a surgeon on a daytime soap breaking the bad news that so-and-so would not, in fact, be surfacing from their coma...EVER.

We are slaves to the battery powered pacification devices.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

random memory

When I was in junior high (or maybe it was early high school) we went on a field trip to watch Marcel Marceau, the famous mime, perform... and I forgot my glasses.
Those were a couple of the most boring hours of my life.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

YES! We do Co-op discounts!

I figured since we've been getting many inquiries about this subject, I'd just go ahead and put this out there.

I know it isn't always easy to buy ethically-made/ organics since they can be expensive and it's our goal to get our stuff into the hand of you guys(parents) as much as it is to get our stuff onto the shelves of boutiques. (not to say we don't puff up with pride when we DO see our products on the shelves of those painfully cool boutiques)

FocoLoco does take Co-op orders at a discount rate of 40% off our retail prices.

Here are the requirements:

minimum order : $300

The only things we don't offer for the co-op discount are BIBS. ( I'm sure it sounds silly, but these are a huge hassle and more often than not arrive to us damaged from the manufacturer.)

The other conditions are:

1.We must receive a complete order list in one bundle meeting the min. order requirement.
2. We will ship everything to 1 address, in 1 shipment, to then be distributed by your group leader.
3. The order must be paid in 1 payment, in full, before the order can be shipped out.
4. We only accept returns/exchanges on items that are received damaged or the wrong item. Please choose sizes carefully! American Apparel garments run small and are made to fit snuggly. This is particularly true for the 2t-6t organic kids' tee shirts.

So there it is! Chatroom mamas tell yer friends. Playgroup leaders spread the word.