Sunday, July 20, 2008

who stole my baby?

No, not really, but then again where did my first baby boy disappear to?
Almost 3 months into our new 4 person family dynamic and I can't quite believe how big my 2&1/2 year old son seems...
I first noticed it when I came home from the hospital with our new son, Vincent. 8lbs 8oz, but tiny in comparison to this 30lb boy that I was still hoisting up on a changing table and washing diapers for.
He is now in his new big boy room with his very own twin size rocket ship bed. Thanks, dad!
This week we stopped putting diapers on him and he started using the potty with out much fuss and few accidents.
Who is this kid? What did he do with the little terror that was trying to feed his new brother Styrofoam peanuts and biting tiny limbs just a few short weeks ago?

Number 2 is starting in on the action, too. Almost 3 months old and a real infant, no longer a newborn. Light years past the newborn phase... he has found his fist. i remember when Ferris first found his fist...2+ years ago, before the big boy bed, abc's, golf, baseball, bike riding,potty training...