Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm okay, you're okay, but those kids today...

So, I've come to the astounding conclusion that I am not made out for this "blogging" type stuff. When I think of something to write about I can't get to the the time I'm at the computer and able I've already forgotten what I wanted to say.
I'm okay with this. I'll blog whenever I feel like it...even if each entry is months apart. A funny thing happened on Halloween and I actually remembered that I wanted to write about here it is.

Since my husband and I moved away from Brooklyn, Halloween has been a mere shell of its former glory and I find myself mourning its passing each year. I miss those wild and wonderful city costume parties. No one minds dressing up in the city...maybe because it's a challenge to top the kind of outrageousness you see on a daily basis on the street and in the subway.

Our first Halloween in the Berkshires I made a feeble attempt to dress up, only to find myself the *only* adult dressed up at an informal get together. Sitting around watching football and handing out candy...this was Halloween #1 in our new home. Halloween #2 passed without much notice as we had our hands full with our newborn son. This year we made more of an effort. We put out our hand painted tombstones for "Seymour Butts" and "Ivana Tinkle". We carved pumpkins. I dressed up as Wednesday Addams and our son dressed up as a monkey. We considered having a party, but while a small party under regular circumstances can be quite fun and intimate, a small costume party just feels awkward and sad, so we decided just to hand out candy.

As I was lighting the jack-o-lanterns that led the way up our steps I heard rustling in the wooded area behind our house. THe local teens tend use our backyard as path to other streets or as a hang-out spot to...uh, well, do stuff teens do.(I'm not *that* old. I remember those days quite fondly.)I didn't think twice about it. On my way back up to the house I went around the back to put away some garbage and found two pristine rolls of toilet paper, slightly disheveled, but mostly intact and bright white.
Now, I've gotten used to the mass of local teens being apathetic and often rude.(yes, I am making a generalization and my apologies to the rest of the teen population) Cutting in line at the grocery store even though my hands are full with a baby and tubs of formula, walking into the middle of busy streets stopping traffic and glaring at anyone who dares honk a horn at them as they meander along the street making no effort to let traffic pass, but it is a truly sad day when the teens have become so lazy and apathetic that they can't even put an ounce of effort into their mischeif.

What the heck is wrong with these kids that they can't even t.p. a house properly?

Maybe this is what my husband and I will spend our next Halloween doing. Teach those kids how to do it with some style and zeal. *wink*